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Recent data shows that since 1980's the Arctic ice coverage has shrunk by 50%²  and is now in its all-time lowest. Defrosting images in the coldest regions of the globe are the most recognizable representation of the impact of human activities at the Anthropocene era. In this work, fragmented pieces of mirror on the floor are the representation and reflection of this ruin that has been caused by mankind. In the juxtaposition imagery of the video, the waves of the São Conrado (cost of Rio), filmed by Noujaim and mixed with images carefully selected from the Internet, make it sound like conceptual markers of the planet's temperature and rising of ocean and sea water levels. 

 ² S. Borenstein, “Arctic Ice Shrinks to All-Time Low; Half 1980 Size,”, September 19, 2012,

Aquário | 2019 
Video installation
Video-editor: Gabriela Noujaim
Durantion: 8’
Unic work


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