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The observation of the wind moves a detailed study on the changing of the seasons, the planting and harvesting periods as well as the measuring of tides. Native peoples understand the wind as a clock; they are guided by it. On September 2, 2018, a devastating fire consumed much of the National Museum's collection - a compilation that featured 40,000 pieces from many indigenous peoples of Brazil. In another collaboration with Zé Urutau, in this video, the artist presents a statement on historical erasures and the disdain of governments regarding public policies regarding science, culture and heritage. From an anecdote heard by the artist, it is questioned here: ”if the firefighters had consulted indigenous leaders about the direction of the winds before directing the water jets, would the fire had lasted less time devouring the Quinta da Boa Vista mansion”?

Cortina de Fumaça | 2019 
Video-editor: Antônio Pimenta
Duration: 2’10” 
Audio: singer José Urutau
Edition: 1/2 + 1 PA


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