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The land is where the walks and ceremonies take place; where the exchanges occur as well the maintenance of the collectivity sense. According to the 2010 IBGE1  Census, the indigenous population in Brazil adds up to 896,900 indigenous people. It is known that around 300 thousand are distributed in urban areas like the multiethnic Aldeia Maracanã, in Tijuca neighborhood (city of Rio).  José Urutau Guajajara is one of its leaders, who sings and animates this ritual using the movement of the maraca. In the video, Gabriela Noujaim's engraved hands simulate the ophidian movement until her image comes into symbiosis with the forest, presenting a metaphor that affirms the resilience of various indigenous peoples in the defense and conscious use of land.  


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Maraca | 2019 
Video-editor: Antônio Pimenta
Duration: 2’10” 
Audio: singer José Urutau
Edition: 1/2 + 1 PA


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